About Brandon

About Brandon Norris

Hello viewers! My name is Brandon Norris. I am currently a student, studying History and Philosophy at Eastern Washington University! I have been interested in these subjects ever since I was a kid, as my Grandpa would share Native American stories and philosophies. As a kid, and even today I have always been the type to self-reflect, think about the future and think about the world that surrounds us. I find history and philosophy to be quite the subjects to match that type of mindset, because if you are going to pursue these subjects, you will doing quite a lot of that. It is through my own experiences – personal and educational – that I have decided to pursue a career in education, and teach History & Philosophy. The pursuit of knowledge is an endless trail, but one that is quite colorful and lively and full of movement. Only when you stop moving forward and pursuing it, does the view become blurry, black-and-white and quite dull.

I have built this site for the sake of publishing blog posts on various subjects in the fields of history, digital history and the digital humanities. As I move forward and pursue more knowledge on various topics, events and subjects, I hope to use this website as a platform to expand research a hopefully to provide more color and insight on them. I hope you all enjoy my blog posts, and feel-free to follow me on Twitter (follow link at the bottom footer of the website).